There are countless reasons why above ground pool might be the best option for you and your family. It is nice to have a place where you and your family can totally enjoy outdoor relaxation while being refreshed.

Each pool is unique, similar to the way it is made. Our experts assess the area for each pool and pick the best way to deal with and build it.

Why Install an Above Ground Pool?

  • There are many designs that you can choose from. Above Ground Pool Boise will also give you the other benefits of installing an above ground pool in your house.

     1. Space Conservation

If you are currently living in a residential area with restricted open space, installing an above ground pool is the ideal choice for you. Above ground pool is quite flexible in terms of area of installation. It comes in different sizes that can be adjusted depending on the area of your backyard. Nowadays, there are many designs that you can choose from. You just have to choose the right professional pool installer to do the job. That is why Above Ground Pool Boise has teams of accredited and skilled individuals to make your dream above ground pool into a reality.

     2. Cost-Efficient

Compared to constructing a concrete swimming pool, the above ground pool is way more affordable. It costs roughly $40,000 to build a regular-sized concrete pool with a complete package such as a filtration system and others while an average of $16,000 is needed for a regular above ground pool. For simple above ground pools, it costs a minimum of $1500. So building an above ground pool is more budget-friendly and you can still enjoy the same fun with swimming in a larger swimming area.

     3. Easy Installation

Since the construction of the above ground pool does not require massive work such as digging and everything, it generally takes 7 to 10 days to build one for you. However, there are also other factors that may prolong the installation work such as the condition of your backyard. If there are lots of trees, cutting some of these might be required. Also, your chosen design has to be considered too. 

     4. Safer for Children

Above ground pool has a higher fence compared to the inground pool which is predominantly safer for children. Above ground pools can also be covered especially during the winter season. Just make sure that the cover is tightly tied.

     5. Easy Maintenance

The cleaning process for the above ground pool is not as extensive as what concrete pools require. The area to be cleaned and maintained is also relatively smaller. Brushing and scrubbing the wall and floor is required by not necessarily on a daily basis. 

     6. More Layouts and Designs

Although it is relatively smaller than an inground pool, the designs, materials, and layouts of above ground pool are not limited to few choices. Choose Above Ground Pool Boise for more stylish and flexible designs.

How to Clean Above Ground Pool?

Keeping your above ground pool clean and clear is a very important task that must be consistently checked. Lucky for you, the above ground pool does not require extensive processes in maintaining its cleanliness. Here are the ways on how to clean your pool.

  • Skim and Filter

Remove fallen leaves or any debris into your pool. You can use a pool vacuum and connect it to your skimmer. However, if you are tight on a budget, you can use a flat and leaf skimmer to remove the unwanted debris.

  • Brush and Scrub

To keep algae or fungi growth, brushing and scrubbing both the pool walls and the the floor will surely help in maintaining your above ground pool. You can do this task once a week to avoid swimming in a slippery pool. Brush the walls in a downward motion and make sure to scrub the pool ladder or handles if ever you have one.

  • Pump the Water Pool

To get rid of the dirt and other debris, run your water pump. It will help in clearing the water. You must run your pump for at least 8 hours for a more satisfying result. 

  • Clean your Pump Basket

Remove your pool filter to get rid of the collected wastes. Do this every time you complete vacuuming your pool.

Above Ground Pool Boise

We find simple joy in simple things. With the installation of your above ground pool, you, your family, and friends can enjoy a relaxation time. For above ground pool installation and other services, you can visit our website. Together let us build your dream pool into a reality.


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