Are you searching for the best pool builders to create your pool? Or do you need to redesign your pool area as it outdated? Pool Construction Boise understands deciding on the kind of pool can be overwhelming, that is why we are here to help you.

We are one of the best and family-oriented and work organization serving private customers and local business owners. We have been building pools and being the best Pool Construction Boise because of years of experience and knowledge in making your dream pool into a reality.

  • Best Pool Construction Boise

    Everybody wants to hire the most experienced in pool construction. With Pool Builders Boise, you have come to the right place. Our reliable team of pool builders has the knowledge and experience to install, renovate, upgrade, detect problems, and improve pools. Our designers are also the best when it comes to designing the pool of your dreams. We also prioritize your safety and satisfaction by giving you the best service and materials. 
Pool Construction Boise

Our Services Include:

  • Design plans according to your specification

  • Assess depths, internal steps, benches, and skimmer box location

  • Engineers plans

  • Certification Fees & Insurance Fees, if needed

  • The building of temporary fence during construction

  • Digging & Cartage

  • Steel

  • Plumbing

  • Pavement

  • Interior finish

  • Installation of underwater pool light/s

  • Coping tile 

  • Filtration equipment

  • Additional pool accessories, such as telescopic handle, brush, scoop, and test kit

  • Filtration equipment start-up, 

  • Complete analysis 

  • And turn-over of the pool, with start-up chemicals.

    We are dedicated to guaranteeing the durability of your pool for you and your loved-ones well-being so you can appreciate it for as long as possible. With our years of experience and award-winning designs, we provide the construction of swimming pools for our customers in the city. Our skilled and innovative team can make a personalized and unique pool for you according to your style. 


    We follow each step in building the best pool for you carefully. Conceptualizing a new pool is easy with the right team of creative and experienced builders. Pool Construction Boise has all the qualities you need. From spending time thoroughly on each project to utilizing only the best materials, we guarantee that we only follow a point by point strategy in every pool development. 


    Why Should You Choose Us?

There are several reasons why Pool Construction Boise is your top choice when it comes to pool construction, maintenance, service, and support. We only employ skilled and experienced workers who are experts in their field. We promise to serve you by guiding you from beginning to end and to ensure we fulfill the pool of your dreams. And we also have the most accommodating staff who are glad to offer the best before and after-sales support. 

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