Having a pool is a great responsibility, especially if you want to keep everybody safe. A swimming pool cover is, therefore, necessary if you wish to keep the maintenance as simple as possible. Fortunately, Pool Covers Boise offers the best types of pool covers.

A pool or spa maintenance cover is a manual or automatic cover that can be set over the water's surface and is used to keep the pool secure.

Pool Covers Boise

  • Each type of pool cover offers different levels of safety, protection from debris, and heat retention. You must understand the reason why a pool cover is needed. They keep your pool clean when no one is using it as it can prevent the debris from falling into the water. Another advantage of having a pool cover is you will save time cleaning up or removing things out of the water when someone will use it. 

    Pool covers will also help decrease water loss, reduce the number of chemicals needed, make sure the filter is not blocked, and boost water retention. Pool Cover Boise has come up with a list to guide you with the different types you can find and its pros and cons.

Pool Covers Boise

Pool Safety Covers 


Manual Safety Cover

Manual safety covers are best for outdoor pools. They entirely cover the surface of the pool and are secured by tracks that run on parallel sides. They can provide excellent protection from debris and are considered a high-quality choice. They can help you save on maintenance costs because they can reduce evaporation and stop debris from entering the pool completely. Since they keep the swimming pool sealed, there is less oxygen, which results in less number of anaerobic bacteria. 


Ultimate Fabric Safety Cover

The fabric safety pool cover is considered the top choice in automatic pool cover range. These covers give the same benefits as the manual safety cover. Because of being hydraulic, they are fully automated. Pool Covers Boise offers three different types of fabric safety covers: below-ground pit mounter, flush track and top track.


Bubble Cover

A bubble cover is a good option if you want an affordable type that can provide a basic level of pool covering, such as protection from debris and heat retention. This type comes in a variety of thickness. For better heat retention, opt for thick material. Keep in mind that bubble covers are not safety covers, which means they may not be able to support the weight of children or animals.


Winter Cover

If you have a bubble cover, you will need a winter pool cover for added protection against debris during the winter season. It is a mesh layer that is fastened down around the surface to secure the pool. Winter mesh covers are more firm and long-lasting. While they can keep the pool clear from falling leaves and other debris, they cannot support much weight that may go on it as they are not safety covers.


Foam Cover

Foam coves are also not safety covers, but they are designed to retain the heat of indoor pools. For better heat retention, look for thick foam. 


Slatted Cover

A slatted cover is a type of pool cover that sits on top of the pool. They can either be fully automatic or motorised. You can use a slatted pool cover indoors and outdoors. When they are secured correctly, a slatted pool cover can provide some safety function and can take the weight of children and animals. 


Please select what you deem is the best pool covers for your pool and call us to get the best Pool Covers Boise. We are always ready to help.


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