Pool Maintenance Boise, located in Idaho, is pleased to provide our clients with excellent pool service, maintenance, and repairs. Whether you are searching for a Filter cleaning, Equipment Repair, One-Time Cleaning, or Weekly Pool Service, our team of experts are ready to serve you with high-quality work.

Pool Builders Boise Idaho offers a higher level of workmanship and care for every customer we work with. Pool Builders Boise stay determined in the quest for flawlessness and we are more than happy to assist individuals in building their dream pools.

Pool Maintenance Boise

If you avail of our weekly pool or spa maintenance, the services include :


  • Water Level and Cleaning System Examination

  • Chemicals Inspection and Balancing

  • Baskets Cleaning

  • Pool Brushing

  • Surface Netting

  • Vacuuming, if needed


Importance of Pool Maintenance


A pool is an investment that you want to keep running for as long as possible. That is why delaying pool maintenance can be harmful. And having little knowledge about pool cleaning is not enough to keep your pool functioning for many years. If you want a thorough cleaning, hire a dependable pool cleaner to do the job as pool maintenance is vital.


Keeping up with your pool’s maintenance is a wise decision. You will avoid running across too many problems, but you will also have a well-maintained pool that can last for as long as possible with only slight repairs.

Pool Maintenance Boise

But if you put off cleaning your pool or if you do not follow your maintenance schedule, it may result in trouble. A pool is an environment fostering the development of algae, bugs, and small animals. Once you stop keeping your pool clean, it might turn into a breeding ground for germs or bacteria. If your pool has become a lagoon full of these problems, reinstating it can be expensive and time-consuming.

Another reason why you need to maintain your pool is for its longevity. If you postpone the maintenance schedule and do not pay close attention to it, the probability of its longer lifespan might decrease. 



Pool Maintenance Boise understands the need for pool maintenance. That is why we include the use of chemicals in our pool service. Different pool usage requires different levels of chemicals. If the pool receives excessive use or has a large number of swimmers, adding more chemicals is necessary. It is necessary to remove objects in and around the pool as they might waste the chlorine and prevent the cleaning system.


With our expertise and knowledge, we have been a trusted company for years. We guarantee that our workers are authorized and insured because we aspire to provide you with the highest-quality service.


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