Convert your old pool into a fresh backyard oasis. Pool Renovation Boise specialized in swimming pool construction and renovations. If you have a swimming pool that has not been remodeled for years, we can revitalize it with modern upgrades. It is wise to hire an experienced contractor to guarantee the best and safe pool.

If your current pool or spa is looking worn out and deadened, cheer up! We are not just known for building rich designs and redesigning new patio retreats for you and your family, but also for our capacity to reestablish magnificence and importance to any old pool. Due to our esteem, we have been trusted for ages.

  • Best Pool Renovation Boise

    One of the most common pool renovations is resurfacing. It is necessary to resurface a pool every ten to fifteen years. Pool surfaces will gradually break down because of cracks and discoloration. Trust Pool Renovation Boise to help preserve your swimming pool and avoid costly repairs in the future by resurfacing your pool.

    For older pools, we can revitalize them by replacing outdated pool equipment, such as ladders or diving boards. We can also update the pool liner to a more updated design or add a remarkable new water feature.

    Pool style changes, and so is the efficiency because of the changing time. Because of technology development, there are now more energy-efficient options available. We can update your pool's plumbing to save you time and money for years to come.

Changing the shape of your pool is also possible with Pool Renovations Boise. We can modernize the shape of the swimming pool, but it will require more drastic changes, which may result in a higher cost. For a more affordable way to update your pool, a good alternative is adding a new water feature, improve the surface, or install new stairs.

If you want to change the depth of your pool to make the shallow end deeper or raise the deep end to balance the shallow end, it will require refinishing or a new liner of the pool surface. 

Here are some options available for modernizing your pool. 

  • waterfalls

  • walk-in steps

  • swim-up platforms

  • cascading deck jets

  • spillover spa

  • natural gas fire features

  • an automatic salt chlorine generator

  • automatic cleaner

  • automatic water level control

  • timers

  • cartridge filters

  • high-efficiency heaters

  • heat pumps

  • and much more!

Whether you want to give your pool a minor upgrade or a major overhaul, Pool Renovation Boise contractors have the knowledge and skills to fulfill your dream pool.

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