Pool Repair Boise is your local service provider for swimming pool and spa repair. We offer pool equipment repairs for both residential and commercial establishments.  With several years of experience building and installing pools, our staff can find solutions to all pool problems.

Pool Builders Boise Idaho offers high quality builds and care for every customer we work with. Pool builders Boise stay determined in the quest for flawlessness and is willing to assist individuals with building their fantasy pools.

Pool Repair Boise

Our technicians underwent vigorous training to gain knowledge when it comes to repair, troubleshoot, and install pool essentials. To repair pool pumps and filters, they need to find the problem, inspect the pool equipment, and make the required repairs. In most cases, pool repairs involve examining the internal parts and sometimes fixing the plumbing. We also have authorized professionals to repair electrical equipment, including pool heaters, automated controllers, and salt systems. It is also crucial to avoid further damage to the pool's electrical components. We can also assess the pool and spa light and do repairs if needed. Our skilled professionals strive to analyze swimming pool equipment and make necessary repairs. Their goal is to determine any concerns with your pool to know precisely how to rectify them. 

We understand the importance of pool repair, from fixing each issue to restoring the pool to functionality. We suggest not letting the cost and timeline be the reason to put repairs off. At Pool Repair Boise, we try to find ways to make pool repairs possible according to your time and budget.

Common Swimming Pool Issues

  • Technical Problems

Technical equipment is necessary to keep the pool sage and clean to use. Running into problems with pumps is also common. We maintain valves, barriers, and other parts to keep the pump running effectively. If you notice any problem with the air relief valve, call an expert to fix it. 


  • Algae Buildup

When you notice the color of the surface of your pool has turned green, you are looking at algae buildup. The common cause is not enough chlorine. Pool Builders Boise will handle the problem by putting in shock treatment. The amount of shock with some algaecide will depend on the extent of algae infestation. After the treatment, the water will become clear again. 


  • Murky Water/Stain

Once you notice your pool is looking murky, we can also adjust the pH level. But it might take some time for the water to look clear again.


Stains at the bottom of the pool are unavoidable. If the reason for this is the high mineral levels, rub them off by adding some pH decrease on a piece of cloth. If the first option does not work, the next option is to use a chlorine stick. But should the pool stain remain, that is the time you need to hire Pool Repair Boise contractors so we can have a look and remove the stain, preventing it from sticking around forever.

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