Having a pool requires a significant amount of investment in time and money. Pool owners need various things to keep and maintain a swimming pool. For these requirements, Pool Supplies Boise provides the best products.  We have been providing clean and safe water for a long time now. Along with our experience, we use other resources to maintain your pool in the best ways possible.

How much do you know about your pool? Different things should be considered important to keep the pool maintained and clean. So for these, we give the best Pool Supplies Boise, understanding the genuine needs and necessities of your pool. We have been around for a long time, delivering services that keep pools spotless, have safe water, and all different methods to keep your pool well maintained.

Pool Supplies Boise

  • We offer some of the basic pool equipment needed, such as:
    • Pump – to keep proper water circulation

    • Vacuum – to extract debris from the pool bottom

    • Heater – to extend pool availability during cooler months and cold nights

    • Filter – to remove materials that can clog drains and stop the growth of algae/bacteria

    • Cover – to protect the pool from the debris and to provide protection when closed

Pool Supplies Boise

We also offer a variety of pool supplies that are necessary to keep your pool clean, beautiful, and refreshing. Some of these are:


Backwasher - is vital in the maintenance of your pool. We provide the best back washers that are easy to access and work very fast to clean your pool immediately.


Adapting - without adapters, the metal components of the pool's dividers would be unprotected, which may result in water getting behind the pool walls. 


D.E. Filter - or diatomaceous earth, is the primary component in a D.E. pool filter. It is considered as the most ideal type of pool filter, thus we at Best Pool Supplies Boise will provide you with the proper instructions on how to correctly use it.  


Main Drain - or two main drains are situated at the bottom. This section is the deepest part of the pool. 


  • Chemicals – including chlorine, water balancers, calcium, and algaecide, to keep the pool free of bacteria and lessen skin irritation.

  • Water test kits – to monitor the effectiveness of the pool chemicals

  • Cleaning materials – such as skimmer, tile/vinyl scrubbing compound/brushes, and leaf net,

  • Filter cartridges – to ensure the continuous operation of the filtering system

  • Caulking/grout – to prevent minor repairs/leak, especially before closing the pool.


Pool Supplies Boise deals with various other types of supplies. Contact us now to get a clean, safe, and well-maintained pool for you and your family.

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